Easter rabbit

Easter has been and gone. The year is moving at a running pace. We went to a wedding up the coast and it was beautiful. The dress, the food, the flowers were all divine. I was inspired all over again to get growing dahlia’s. It looks like I’ll have to wait till May to get some planted, so I picked up some spring bulbs to get some colour going in the meantime.

We had a couple of nights away by ourselves for the first time in a long time. I suspect this will be an increasing trend as our son gets older. He stayed home alone for the very first time. He had food and a computer so he was happy.


We called into Waikanae for breakfast. We kept running into people we knew, who have batches there. It must be nice to escape for the weekend but I don’t envy them the traffic. We couldn’t believe the slow procession north every day of the long weekend as we were tiki-touring up and down the coast. We spent the second half of the weekend at home which doubles as our batch! We got lost in our garden cooking Easter rabbit. It was a white tablecloth affair. Why not?

And also an adventure. We don’t have steps from our deck to our garden yet, so it was a slightly treacherous trek down with the ingredients, the beer, the wine, the plates and of course the white table cloth! But well worth it. It’s hard to believe we live so close to town but can hang out in the bottom of our garden and feel like we’re in another world.

We don’t just have one fire pit, we have two so I expect there will be many more of these adventures in the future.  I look forward to them. And slowly but surely we’ll landscape the garden. And eventually we’ll even have steps down from the deck. When that happens there’ll be a party! I can’t wait.




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