Hot hot hot

It’s nine o’clock at night, the doors are open, it’s raining and its hot. A muggy, clammy, sweaty kind of hot we’re not used to in Wellington. In fact we all agree it reminds us of Bali.

It’s been a relaxing weekend. Dinner with friends on Friday night. A sausage on the barbie and a little too much to drink. We were celebrating a kitchen renovation almost complete. I had given feedback on the proposed design, suggested some last minute tweaks and saved our mates some cash. Enough in fact to get the family of three to Samoa and back in July. We’re going too. The first thing you need to do when you back from a trip I’m told is plan the next one!


Today I did some re-styling. Time for another re-gig in the kitchen and dining/lounge. Last weekend I was down in Invercargill helping my sister set up her new house. This weekend I did some refreshing at my own place.

In Invercargill I got to go shopping. My sister was kind of camping. She needed a few things to make her place feel like home and a few practical things like a sofa and dining table and chairs. We got to work and nailed it. In a few days we’d scoped the shops, decided on the bits we wanted, bought them, picked them up (thanks Dad) and had the place ready to go. A family party was next on the agenda and then her house was home.

We did well on the budget. We both love second-hand shopping so we made it work with a mix of old and new. There’s still a few things we’re keeping an eye out for but it will all fall in place over time. Back at my place there’s no shopping allowed. We’ve decided it’s a shopping-free year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My first challenge is flowers. I love them but this year I’m not buying them each week. I’m making do with what I can forage from my own garden and a few hydroponics that I cultivated last year. I reckon as long as I’ve got greenery inside I’ll cope.

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