Heaven on earth

We’ve been skiing in the Dolomites now for 5 days. We’re staying in a very small town in the Alta Badia region called Colfosco. Everything looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The mountains stand tall and majestic. The snow glistens in the sun. The chalets have snow-capped roofs. The slopes are lined with perfectly shaped Christmas trees dripping with snow. The apple strudel deliciously melts in your mouth. If there was a heaven on earth this would surely be it.

Yesterday I skied alone. The boys set off for a day of black runs – crazy stuff much beyond me. I set off for a relaxing day of gentle runs punctuated with macchiato, wine and food! When we met at the end of the day, the fifteen years old’s response to my tales was “How much skiing did you actually do Mum?” Just enough!


Everywhere you ski there is a beautiful chalet to serve you the most delicious food accompanied by an alcoholic beverage of any kind, on a balcony, in the sun, with a view to die for. This is the kind of place where you can plan your ski route around your preferred refreshment stops. And they are decorated beautifully in traditional style, down to the finest detail.

We’ve now skied the Sellaronda circuit twice, once in each direction. I’m pleased to say my skiing skills are improving. It looks like you can teach old dogs new tricks! By the time we leave I will have skied 8 days straight and the boys nine. And we’ve had the most amazing weather.

Our trip is slowly nearing its end and I’ve started wondering how to manage the return to everyday life? Whilst sipping a glass of Pinot grigio on the balcony of a chalet, up the top of a mountain, I decided to make every day an adventure and enjoy every moment. I’ll let you know how that’s going in a few months when I’m putting on a load of washing, while cooking dinner, after a day at work!


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