Traveller’s fatigue

We’re on Day 35 of our trip around Italy. I think the fatigue set in about Day 28 when we hit Florence. Travelling is hard work. So much to see, so much to soak in. So we took the pace back a peg or two in Florence. We screwed up our to do list and took time to just be.

We spotted street signs altered by a French artist called Clet, who has been active changing the traffic sign landscape in Florence since 2010.

We window shopped. The attention to detail here blows my mind. There were florals in Gucci and beautiful blues in Chanel. And, I found the perfect après ski outfits for Andy and I just across the road from our hotel.

I tasted the best pancakes ever at a cafe called Dita Argianale. Ricotta, apple and cinnamon is a perfect combination. This place was very much like cafes we know and love at home. Great brunch food, great atmosphere, great decor and a queue for tables.


We hung out in my favourite place in all of Florence, La Menagerie, a cafe, bistro, restaurant, store and florist all in one. The kind of place that I own and run in my dreams

We spotted street art, wandered and captured beautiful views. We strolled through the Boboli Gardens, walked the Ponte Vecchio and eyed up all the jewellery stores lining the bridge. We are ramen (yes in Italy!), took aperativi in Piazze della Republica and found another Cheisa Di Sant’Ambrogio.

There’s lots we didn’t do. All the more reason to come back. Soon.

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