Back to Rome

We were lucky enough to be in Rome for Xmas. Our accomodation was a hop, skip and a jump from the Trevi Fountain. Everywhere we turned we saw something beautiful. And old, of course. I’m taking so many photos and stockpiling inspiration for years to come.

We loved Rome. But to be honest I think we’re just loving everywhere we go. We visited the Vatican on Xmas Eve and many more churches. We finally worked out that in Italy the baby Jesus doesn’t get added to the nativity scene until Xmas Day! Not rocket science, I guess we’re just not that particular in NZ. Or maybe it’s a long time since I went to church!

The Colosseum was unbelievable. We had a very happy son.  Skiing is on top of his trip list but Pompeii and the Colosseum also made the top three. The crowds on Boxing Day were daunting so we chose to do a “skip the line” tour. It was definitely worth it! The boys got time to go to the zoo and I got time to wander aimlessly with my new selfie stick – it’s actually great for taking non-selfie photos too! I left it behind today. Ambrose was very relieved.

We had Xmas lunch with friends from Auckland. We never see them in NZ so it was a treat to catch up with them and a crazy coincidence we were both in Rome for Xmas. We booked a traditional trattoria which did not disappoint. We were surrounded by italian locals. Apparently it’s quite traditional to eat Xmas lunch out, here. We spent the rest of the day wandering around the city together – a pretty awesome way to spend the day.


We wandered around a market on Xmas Eve. All the fruit and vege looked so good. Who knew trimmed artichokes looked like flowers! How come we don’t get these pine cone cauliflower/broccoli hybrids in NZ? And check out these Xmas wreaths. I so wanted to take one of these home. I’ll just have to learn to make my own in time for next Xmas. I wonder where we’ll be?



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