Loving Assisi

We’ve just had the most amazing day in Assisi. I think we’re all feeling a bit more refreshed after a rest day. We’re also in an apartment for the first time so I’ve been cooking and washing up a storm. It was great to do a “proper” shop at the supermarket, to buy some things we haven’t bought and cooked before, and eat in!

One of the major attractions in Assisi is the Basilica di S. Francesco, of course! It’s perched high on a hill with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. You can buy a figurine of St Francis of Assisi in most of the stores in town, along with a multitude of other religious memorabilia including paintings and tapestries. You can even buy the robes of a priest. There’s lots of churches in Italy but unlike the others you aren’t allowed to take photos in this one. You have to remove your woolly hats and be silent. Their is even a man in a booth calling out silenzio if this is not observed. The inside is one giant piece of art, as are all the churches we’ve been in, but this one features rich, dark colours in all the painting and stained glass windows. I wanted to buy a book to remember it because I have no photos but the one I wanted, with lots of beautiful pictures, was much too heavy to carry around with us. I’ll have order it from home.

Like all the places we’ve been to in Italy religion, particularly catholicism, is everywhere. There are religious offerings such as these from Assisi around every corner, in public places and private homes. They are very beautiful and well cared for. I have so many images of these, and they have been such a stand-out feature of the trip for me, there will definitely be a dedicated post at some point.

We stayed in a charming apartment right at the top of Assisi’s old town. It is beautiful everywhere you look. All the buildings are old and made of stone and the colours, all the different shades of stone, often striped for effect are just gorgeous.

One other thing about Italy; all the stores, even little local supermarkets or dairies are presented beautifully. There is such attention to detail. It really is like being in a movie set.

One of our favourite stores is the Salumeria. Yes even displays of meat can be works of art. And they always have freshly roasted, stuffed pork ready to carve off for you by the slice. The smells are to die for. They often sell oils and cheeses and loads of other delicacies as well. Today we bought truffle oil and truffle cheese. Very delicious!

And one final thing I’ll never forget about Assisi is this. I love flowers. And, I particularly love oil paintings of flowers. I spotted this one in Gran’s Caffe. Gran had lots of amazing oils on her walls but this was my favourite. I so would have liked to take it home to add to my collection. Gran’s paneforte was amazing too!


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