The Isle of Capri

We chose the coldest day of our trip so far to visit Capri. Blue skies, but a cutting cold wind which kept us moving fast and made for an exciting boat trip.

Capri was 95% closed for winter but was nevertheless delightful. I’m definitely coming back. To stay. In summer.

All the things they say are true. It’s rich and flashy. The streets are lined with designer stores; Mui Mui and Gucci particularly caught my eye, clearly closed, but window displays intact. Other big name stores had packed up and left the building for winter!

The small laneways in Capri were very beautiful. Cobbled of course, lined with greenery, lots of bougainvillea and glorious views. The grand villas were also closed up for the winter behind their beautiful gates.

We wandered through the amazing, Villa San Michelle. We had it to ourselves. Axel Munthe, his friend and three sons rebuilt the ruined Tiberian villa and chapel perched high above the bay of Naples, over five summers, with only their charcoal sketch on a garden wall to guide them. The results are stunning.

One of the benefits of travelling in winter, we also had the views from the top of the cable car and the trek down down in Anacapri to ourselves. It felt we were behind the scenes and off the beaten track. We even came across some grazing goats.

Luckily (this time) I had done some research so I could lead us to a fabulous lunch spot we would never have found left to our own devices. Andy had a huge bowl of squid. My Pasta Puttenesca was delicious and the views weren’t bad either!

The icing on the cake was the view of Via Krupp. We would have loved to walk but it was closed for maintenance. Definitely next time.

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