Limoncello anyone?

Contrary to speculation we didn’t get lost in Sicily. We didn’t buy an italian villa never to return (although there was a pretty gorgeous one for sale just around the corner from our hotel that would have done nicely). And nothing more sinister happened either. People often talk about the downsides of social media but it’s pretty awesome to have friends “what’s app” to check “whats up” when they haven’t “heard” from you for a few days. ┬áIt’s alright it wasn’t the mafia. Just a migraine!

We’ve just arrived to pouring rain in Assisi – the first bit of dodgy weather on our trip so we can’t complain. Ambrose is quite relieved we’re having a downtime day in our apartment. Fifteen year olds it seems, do not have the stamina of 50 year olds. We’ve been to the supermarket and stocked up. It’s our first opportunity to cook which is pretty exciting.

To catch you up we flew from Sicily to Naples and based ourselves in Sorrento for the next five nights. The temperatures were noticeably colder. But still not that cold compared to friends who had been battling snow and sleet in other parts of Europe. We’d been basking in blue skies and Xmas lights. The Italians really go to town. They light up their streets and piazza’s, restaurants, shopfronts and homes in the most beautiful way. I’ll definitely take a leaf out of their book next Xmas.

Our first day trip was Ambrose’s top priority. We did Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. Our biggest day so far at over 20,000 steps. Who knew we were counting – but apparently an app on the teenagers phone does, everyday! Mt Vesuvius was brilliant for the views alone. We reckon we do volcanoes better in NZ but we don’t sell espresso at the top of ours. For that we were truly stoked.


Pompeii surpassed expectations. It was so much bigger than any of us had appreciated. It really is a place frozen in time allowing you to step into another world and truly imagine how these people went about their daily lives. The widespread and devasting destruction was really bought home via the plaster casts of men, women and children caught in their final moments. Why did these people build their city here? Well for one, the views back to Mount Vesuvius were stunning especially on the crisp, clear day we were here.

Back to Sorrento, we did drink Limoncello. We also had limone-filled shortbread and limone peel coated in chocolate. Delicious.



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