On the side of a cliff

Unlike anywhere else we’ve been in Sicily, Taormina sits high on a hill. The views are breathtaking. The roads are winding. We’ve walked between the stone arches that mark the entry and exit to Corso Umbreto, a number of times. We’ve navigated our way through the narrow side-streets, down steps and up alleyways. Just like Palermo, Agrigento and Sircusa pedestrians have right of way here.

We’ve sat in Teatro Antico di Taormina, the ancient Greco-Roman theatre still used today. Iā€™d love to see a concert here.

We took the bus to Castelmola, the village that sits above Taormina clinging to the cliff edge. As we drive up we’re so pleased we didn’t opt to walk! Heading back down on foot was a much better idea and gets more magical as we turn every corner, never quite sure we’re on the right path!

We took the cable-car down to the seaside and imagined how it is in summer – crowded with sunbathers and diners, a world away from the deserted, closed-up spot it is now. Restaurants, cafes and hotels are all shut for the winter.

The narrow stretch of sand that connects to Isola Bella was under water. Of course, Andy stripped off to his undies and walked across anyway. I documented the occasion and Ambrose kept me company.

Taormina has been lovely. Peaceful and picturesque. Tomorrow we head back to the mainland.


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