When in Sicily …

In Milan we got into the groove of catching the metro, ordering espresso and vino rosso. In Sicily we’ve conquered driving, well on the motorway anyway! We’ve filled up with diesel, got cash out and visited the laundromat. Today we adopted the afternoon siesta. We may have all the skills we need for the next 6 weeks in Italy.

When it comes to food we’re still working things out. Putting the 15-year old aside (he needs regular feeding), we feel constantly full. At breakfast there’s all sorts of cheese, meat and egg, lots of fruit, croissants, pastries and even cakes and flans. I do sweet. The boys do savoury. Today we shared fish and chips for lunch. Ambrose was keen for a taste of home. It was the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted.

A traditional Italian meal is made of the antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti with or without contorno or insalate, and the dolce. I have no idea how they fit it all in. The most we’ve ever managed is a primi or secondi each with an insalate to share.

We wandered through the food street market today. I’ve never seem pomegranates so big or tasted pistachios so good. I can see we’ll be needing to do the “jeans” test regularly.

I’m loving the architecture; the colours, the patterns, the textures and the “oldness” of it all. Nothing is perfect yet it is all so beautiful. I can’t seem to walk 100 metres without taking a photograph.

The album is going to be good; a source of inspiration for a long time to come.

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