To the countryside

We love cities but we love the countryside even more. We managed to navigate our way out of old Palermo to head off on our Sicilian adventure in the Fiat. We stopped off in the little countryside town of Cefalu and were in heaven. While the Italians and other tourists (although there aren’t many) wandered around in puffer jackets, we stripped off to our tee-shirts.

Cefalu is beautiful. It sits by the seaside with old narrow, cobbled streets, ancient buildings and a huge cliff standing watch over it. It’s calm. It’s relaxed. And very peaceful. We could stay here a few days.

But we venture on to Realmonte, our next home. And what a home it is. The views are stunning. The temperature is perfect. Today Andy wears the shorts he packed for Singapore! Apparently it gets up to 50 degrees in summer. We’re so glad we’re here in winter.

We visit the Valley of the Temples and have the most amazing day. This archeological park is stunning from the Temple of Juno right through to the Temple of Volcano with a virtual Garden of Eden in between. The Hypogeum of Kolymbethra has oranges, mandarins, lemons, olives and sugar cane all flourishing in stark contrast to the parched ground surrounding the ruins.

We can see why people escape to the Mediterranean. We love the feeling of peace and calm here. Today we almost have the park to ourselves. In summer though it would be a different story. We feel very lucky.


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