From summer to winter

Everyone knows you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. The sea sparkles, the sky is blue and there’s not a breath of wind. The view from our place is pretty damn good and we feel like kings in our humble castle. We sit out on the deck having breakfast in the sun and Andy has a moment. “Life’s not too shabby” he says.


So just when we’re tipped for a hot summer, well deserved after last year’s debacle, we’ve left the country. This isn’t a usual experience for us. We’ve wanted to go to Italy together for a really long time. There’s always been a good reason why NOT to go. Something else to spend money on or trying not to spend money at all! But this year we decided to stop talking about it and actually do it. And here we are! I still can’t quite believe we’ve done it.

So given the super awesome weather of late, it felt a bit weird packing ski boots and merino’s, boots and woolly hats. A ll that stuff takes up lots of room. Well luckily, I found a gem on Pinterest the other night. Did you know you can vacuum pack clothes? Seriously. It’s amazing. Bulky things like ski pants and jackets take up a fraction of the space. Genius!

Tip number 2: Ski boots are heavy. While I was super proud of my initial pack, pride soon turned to despair when I was over the weight limit. Our newly purchased luggage scales were the bomb. Andy and Ambrose had weight to spare. Of course they did! A small re-distribution was all that was required but I was so glad that stress happened in the comfort of our own home and NOT at the airport. We owe you a beer, Bruce Hill.

I even managed to squeeze in a few sequin dresses. Sure it’s winter but we’re going to Italy! I’m not backpacking and I know how to layer. So just trust me, I know what I’m doing. Please note: I did not vacuum pack the sequin dresses.

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