Zambesi: starting early

I took the daughter I never had, on her first trip to Zambesi last week. Ella is the daughter of one of my best friends and our children have grown up together. They’re like brother and sister. Ella wants to be a fashion journalist so the chance to attend a Q&A session with Zambesi’s Elsabeth Findlay and Dayne Johnston was an attractive invitation. She didn’t turn me down.

We went through all the racks. Talked about what we liked and what we loved. Ella seemed to develop an eye for the international labels, although was very discerning about what she could semi-replicate with an opp shop purchase.

It was inspiring listen to Elisabeth and Dayne. They were very down to earth and clearly very passionate about what they do. Also very committed to making their clothes in New Zealand. I like that.

We took photos. I did some shopping. Investment pieces. Treasures for life. We had an awesome time. I bought Ella her first piece of Zambesi. Socks. You’ve gotta start somewhere. I didn’t get my first piece of Zambesi until I was at uni, so she’s ahead of me.

We picked Ambrose up and went for noodles. Dinner with two of my favourite people. A perfect way to end the day.


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