What is it about flowers?

I don’t know. There’s just something about flowers that I love. I can’t get enough of them. Maybe I should have been a florist? Maybe I should have married a flower grower? Maybe my own green fingers will develop as I age? Maybe it’s a reaction to my love of black?

We bought our first oil painting on a trip to Greytown many years ago. I found the next one, also in Greytown but in a different store and many years later. The third one I found in Bulls. When we were in the shop I never even mentioned it to Andy. It didn’t occur to me he didn’t even see it. Thank goodness for the internet. I was able to email the store and get a picture sent. We purchased it just in time for my birthday.

I’m keen to have a whole wall of them. Literally, a wall cluttered in oil paintings of flowers. Accented by real flowers and cushions with flowers.


I’ve got vintage pics too. These hang in our bathroom. I picked them up from an antique shop in Tinakori Road. It’s not there anymore. As much as I love the world-wide-web I hate that it has killed antique stores.

And here’s my pic for fabric of the season. As I’ve said it’s mostly black in my wardrobe. But every now and then I branch out. This is worth branching out for I reckon.

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