What’s on my shopping list?

We leave for Italy in just over two weeks. I’m so excited I have butterflys in my stomach.

I’ve been thinking about what to pack since about the “four weeks to go” mark. Everyone knows Italian women are very stylish so I want to fit in. I definitely don’t want to look like a tourist. I haven’t had my hair chopped off because apparently everyone has long hair in Europe!

I’m starting to develop a picture of what my “capsule” wardrobe might look like. I’m keen to do my best to showcase New Zealand fashion. OK, mostly I just have Zambesi.

Today I’ve been cleaning out my wardrobe – to clear the way for our house sitter – but also to do a bit of pre-packing planning. I’ve got to be effective and efficient. There’ll be lots of walking, a bit of hiking and some skiing so I need comfort and practicality. But there’ll be plenty of cities, galleries, cafes and restaurants too, so I also need a bit of stylish chic!

To make things more complicated I’m trying to mix up my winter favourites with the beautiful new florals from the Zambesi summer collection. I’m having fun with that. I think I can make it work!

But the big question is what’s on my shopping list? I’ve been thinking about this carefully. I want to focus on seeing, doing and soaking everything in, drinking coffee, sipping wine, wandering in the most beautiful places and taking lots of photos. But I do want to bring home a few special things. Definitely a pair of shoes. But I want a bright coloured platform sandals and it’s winter in Italy so we’ll see how that goes.

Secondly, I’d love to find an awesome piece of Chanel in a vintage store or flea market. Checkout my Chanel board on Pinterest if you want to see how obsessed with Chanel I am. I’d love a classic Chanel jacket (dreaming?) or a tiny piece of jewellery (really dreaming?). And then a little something special for the house, something antique, ornate and simply beautiful. Maybe an oil painting of flowers to add to my collection. My list feels quite restrained. I’ll report back on how that goes….

Any must-see stores, markets, cafes, restaurants or bars? Do let me know.

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