Reminiscing of a Xmas past

I wrote this after Xmas last year – that tells you how long this blog has been in the pipeline. This is a little story of a small town girl who goes home for Xmas.

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Here’s the reminiscing:

I’ve only been away for two weeks. I’ve holidayed for longer but it’s the first time in a while I’ve come home with a muffin top. It might be the good old southern food. There’s been the usual Xmas fare. Then a trip to Stewart Island produced more blue cod, crayfish and mussels than one could comfortably eat. Or as Andy would say more than an elegant sufficiency. Then again there’s the meme my son came across that said:

“Go back to your local home town for the holidays and there’s nothing to do there but drink.”

He said, Mum look at this, with a grin on his face a few nights into our Invercargill trip.

That was after Xmas eve, bedtime 2am. I hadn’t done this since last time I caught up with my parents, brothers and sister.

And after Xmas Day, bedtime can’t remember. Not planned to be a big one but then brother no.2 decided not to go home with his lovely family. Can’t miss rare bonding time with sisters and brother. Must stay longer.

And also after Boxing Day. Bedtime sometime after 3pm. Awesome catch up with aunties, uncles, cousies, cousie’s offspring … we’re getting old. Great food, great company, wide open flat Southland backyard complete with chickens and rural feel (affordable in Invers), truly delightful. Long after most had departed, we retired to beanbags around the fire at the bottom of the back lawn till the small hours … truly impressive to be able to do this in Southland. I can’t remember doing this in Wellie. Note to self, we’ve got a fire pit so next fine weekend …

So the meme from my son was on the mark. Bugger. You can take the girl out of Southland but you can’t take Southland out of the girl!

Other holiday highlights: Bill Richardson Transport World, well done Invers. Brilliantly executed down to the finer details – when the loos are a must see – you’ve done something right. And the cafe – awesome fit-out – perfect detailing.


Motorcycle Mecca. Once again well done. Who knew someone not interested in trucks or motorcycles could enjoy both quite so much. And great cafes open when others aren’t is an extra bonus. Andy did love the Eggs Shadbolt from Zookeepers Cafe complete with mutton bird – who can resist a taste of one of the local delicacies.


Home tonight. Funny arriving at the airport seeing people in tee-shirts. We haven’t experienced that part of summer yet. And driving through Newtown to get to Brooklyn. It’s nice to be home. It’s buzzing. It’s culturally diverse. There’s people in cafes and bars. Even in suburbia it’s a contrast to the wide empty streets and empty run-down stores of the Invercargill CBD. Good luck with the regeneration project.

It’s nice to be home. A small celebration. A bottle of champers. A Xmas present still in the fridge. Some Southland cheese rolls. Thanks Mum. The sun is shining. Life is good.

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