Italy here we come

My great grandfather, Mansueto, never got to return to Italy. I wonder what it must have like living in Invercargill in the 18th and 19th century. He must have felt like a duck out water. There were no other Italians around in Invercargill at the time, that I know of.

My grandfather, Mansueto‘s son, Ambrose Chiaroni, nor any of his siblings, Evidge, Anthony, or Rosalia ever got to visit Germasino. The next generation did. My Aunty Rose and many of her cousins travelled there over the years. But not my mother or any of her other siblings.

My brother, Karl, went to Germasino last year. It’s my turn next. My first trip to Italy and Europe is pending and I’ll visit Germasino in January with my husband and son. My son is called Ambrose after my Grandad, his great-uncle and great-great-uncle. We hope to have our photo taken on the steps of the family home. The same steps where Mansueto and Ambrogio stood with their father Nicodemo for a photo when they were children. And where my brother stood last year.

Join us for our trip, I’ll be blogging as we go.

We leave in 4 weeks so if you’ve got any tips do let me know.


PS: Here’s my cousin Marie-Louise visiting Germasino too. It’s a family tradition! Let’s see how many more photos I can collect and add to this post.


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