My very talented brother is a painter, sculptor, jeweller, designer and artist. He is a descendant of art dealers as am I. We choose to acknowledge and celebrate this whakapapa through the adoption of the Chiaroni family name to represent our work. For my brother, his art and for me (for now), sharing stories of home, family and adventure.

Greg’s latest work is currently showcased at The Southland Museum and Art Gallery. It celebrates the immediate descendants from some of the early bi-cultural marriages between Maori and Pakeha in the region of Avarua/Murihiku, in the southernmost area of Aotearoa.

He has captured these descendants in painted oil portraits creating an exhibition illustrating the unique whakapapa that unites these children providing them the knowledge to grow with mana and in unity. Greg’s children and my nieces and nephew are among these descendants.

It truly is an amazing exhibition. Do go and see it if you get the chance.

View the exhibition programmeDescendants

Visit the Southland Museum and Art Gallery and see the work in person for yourself.

View some of Greg’s other work:

Find our more about our family history in my blog; Home. Family. Adventure.


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