Celebrating 50

It was one of a few celebrations intended over the next year for the man in our house turning 50 but it was the first. The sun came out just in time for us to have nibbles on the deck. The first outdoor entertaining of the summer in early October – not bad. The crostini didn’t quite turn out like the recipe. The zucchini was more soggy than char-grilled but it looked great (most important) and tasted great too.

Since it was such an auspicious ocasion I went to the extra effort of posting the menu on the fridge. It was fun and got a few laughs! The thing I like best about entertaining is setting the table. Everyone who comes to my place knows that. The food is important but it comes second and Andy’s birthday was no exception. It’s a time to use the old china, get the tablecloth out and make flower centrepieces. I’d use the old china everyday if it could go in the dishwasher!


We had an elegant sufficiency to eat and drink, probably a bit more. The plum chocolate cake passed for one I had baked myself. I felt only slightly guilty accepting the praise.  But for the record I’d like to thank Moore Wilsons for that. A bit of custom decoration was an adequate disguise.

For those of you approaching 50 and we know many, here are some tips to get through your impending midlife crisis. Apparently Andy is seriously considering a tattoo. Would someone please talk him out of it?


Sitting on the sofa looking at the aftermath, the one turning 50 was very happy. He’s done quite a few things on this list but he has many to tick off. A few things I’d be keen to join him on, the great walks for example. A few I’ll leave him to enjoy on his own and as for a some others … I won’t hold my breath!

Happy Birthday Andy.

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