A beautiful bedroom

Well I think so! As all good things do, it’s evolved over time and will never be finished. I’ve gone for lush velvet, rich red, gold and black, with a bit of pattern and lots of texture.

I invested in Bianca Lorenne bedlinen a long time ago. I still love it and mix and match constantly. I’m about ready for a bit more of a change. Maybe the addition of some deep green or gold and a change up of pillowcases. I reckon can pull that off with a few additions. No need for a completely new look.

There’s a chair from Hunter’s and Collectors and art glass which I love. An old piano stool from the local antique corner. A bit of art deco, a few books, old rocks, Andy’s old teddy, my porcelain doll and Ambrose’s teddies hand-made by my awesome grandmother. And lots of brown glass jars, bottles greenery. It works for me.






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