On tour

It was my first time in Brisbane. I’d been eyeing up Megan Morton’s “The School” for quite some time. There was a couple of courses I wanted to do; The Science of Styling, Design and Decor. So I went.

You see I’ve been dreaming about interiors for the longest time. If I had my time over again I reckon I’d be an interior designer. I pour over magazines. I buy design books. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on Pinterest. Where will it lead? I can’t tell you exactly right now. But earlier this year I invested in these courses and 5 days in Brisbane. Alone.

Realign. Rebalance. Refocus. Breathe. Reflect. Learn. Explore. Indulge. Absorb. Stop. Look. Think. It was heaven. Thank you Andy. Oh and it was warm!

Whenever I visit somewhere new I walk. A lot. It was no different in Brisbane. I took a ferry to one end of the river and walked back through New Farm, Fortitude valley and James St checking out shops and cafe as I went. I loved the old Brisbane houses. I loved the huge covered decks. I couldn’t believe how all the outdoor spaces had shutters so they could be closed off from the sun. Oh to have that need. To me their winter climate was perfect.

I checked out antique shops. In Wellington we have hardly any left. In Brisbane they have huge ones! And everything seems much more reasonably priced. I managed to bring home a few crystal and art glass treasures in my hand luggage from Paddington and Woolloongabba.

We congratulate ourselves in Wellington that our city is so compact and walkable. Well Brisbane is really easy to get around too. And if you want to go further afield or have walked too far and you need a ride back, Uber is perfect. Much easier than trying to navigate public transport (in my experience).

The river and South Bank was beautiful. Much of it was under renovation when I was there but with a focus on spaces for people to hang out and families to have fun. I had the best iced lemon tea ever.  I loved West End, a bit more Cuba Street in Wellington terms.

And the CBD was great. I got a great, well-priced, compact room with a bit of modern style at the Ibis. It was well-located and I felt perfectly safe wandering around at night. My favourite cafe was called Felix for Goodness in Burnett Lane. I had dinner and went back for breakfast!

I had an awesome time. I’d definitely go back. And I’d even live there. Did I say thank you, Andy?





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