Growing up

My beautiful son turned 15 the other day. It seems only yesterday he was bringing these treasures home from school.  His artwork adorns our hallway.

I’ve been thinking for some time I must give the wall a makeover. It hasn’t been updated for some time, partly because I just haven’t done it. But partly because I’m not ready to let these go! I’m not sure I ever will.

I love how bright they are. I love the goofy self-portrait.

Some are mounted on canvas. Some are just blu-tacked on the wall … as you do when you’ve done a house renovation and you’re looking for a low-cost feature for your hallway. There’s a few things in frames just to break it all up.



To me this odd mis-match on the wall is beautiful. I think they’re staying a bit longer just as they are. And the great thing is when I get around to changing it up, there’s a whole load more pieces to intermingle. Which will I choose?


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