Hedge Garden Design and Nursery

Those who know us, know we’ve been working on our garden for a very long time. In fact those that know us are probably sick of hearing about it! Finally last year we called in the big gun. We’d done about as much as we could, painstakingly over a number of years and now we were stuck. We didn’t quite know what to next. And gardening and landscaping doesn’t come cheap. Do it once and do it properly is one of my motto’s.

So I caught up with Rachael from Hedge Garden Design and Nursery. I gave her my brief – essentially a few bullet points and my Pinterest garden board. She got it, she said. And she liked what we’d already done. Said it was a great base. Whew!

When she came back with her proposed design it would be fair to say she nailed it. One tiny tweak (I don’t like brown grasses) and we were done. Lush, green, wild and structured.

Andy (husband) loved it too. And she was so organised, plant varieties and sizes nailed down, labour, plants and materials all costed. So, it was easy to get over the line. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. It looks awesome and Rachael will be around to check and guide us as it grows.

So that’s the back of the house…now on to the front. We can’t wait. Here’s the before shot!


We will have that beautiful garden and it will be gorgeous just like we’ve always dreamed.

Rachael Matthews, Hedge Garden Design and Nursery, www.hedge.co.nz

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